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A NEW beer being sold in aid of chronically-ill babies is on sale in the House of Commons.

Blistered Feet beer is being produced by the Bridgehouse brewery in Keighley and has been made to help fundraise for Shipley-based Little Heroes – a charity which helps babies with cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

And Blistered Feet, a crisp four per cent alcohol beer, will now be sold to refresh the parts the burning embers have not reached.

Kath Thornton, director of the Haworth Beer Festival was approached for help by Little Heroes and she is now promoting the new ale, brewed for a good cause.

“It’s all voluntary, but I’ve done the branding and promotion and it’s going really well,” Miss Thornton.

“We launched it at Haworth’s sausage and cider festival back in October and it was very popular.

“Since then we’ve been selling bottles and keg beer to local and national public houses.

“And it’s now even made it’s way to perhaps the most important house – the House of Commons – where it’s on sale in the strangers bar,” Miss Thornton said.

She is now also preparing for the Haworth Beer Festival which takes place in the Old School rooms on April, 10, 11 and 12.

“If you don’t manage to hunt out any Blistered Feet before them, there’ll be plenty on sale at our festival,” she said.

Colin Nesbitt, chief executive of Little Heroes explained how it was hoped the new beer would boost the charity’s income.

“We did about 210 fire-walking events called Unite And Ignite last year up and down the country and this year we hope to do more than 300,” Mr Nesbitt said.

“The idea is that pubs or wherever will pre-order kegs or bottles of Blistered Feet to sell in tandem with their fire-walking events.

“A donation will go to the charity from each sale, which will be a nice, happy way of raising money.

“And it really is a wonderful beer.

“I’m a fan of real ale and its a real quaffer,” Mr Nesbitt said.