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Beer Day Britain
– a national beer day June 15th 2015

Hello beer lover – if you are reading this then you will most likely be attending the Haworth Beer Festival. If you go on Friday April 10th I’ll be there so please come and say hello.

Here’s a date for you to save – June 15th 2015 – Beer Day Britain, the country’s first beer day and a chance to celebrate the national tipple. I am the instigator of Beer Day Britain and working hard to encourage everyone to support it, help spread the word, and then on June 15th go to the pub or host a party and drink beer! Beer Day Britain is about all beer whether that is real ale, pilsner lager, kegged ale, bottled, and canned beer – no matter what the format, packaging or brand.

June 15th is also the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta when there will be national and international celebrations to mark it. Ale is mentioned in clause 35 of Magna Carta and its historical significant is the reason why I suggested June 15th as the official date to celebrate British beer.

Clause 35 stated: ‘Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely “the London quarter

The main activity on June 15th will be a National Cheers to Beer and Magna Carta which will happen at 12.15pm (the time relates to the year the great charter was sealed) when everyone who drinks beer is encouraged to go to a pub and raise a glass to hail beer and Magna Carta. The aim is to trend on Twitter with the hashtag #CheersBDB.

If you look at the Beer Day Britain website there is an information pack, logo and beer mat artwork to download. We are encouraging everyone who makes, sells, or drinks beer to take ownership of Beer Day Britain and celebrate the day whether that is brewers making celebratory beers, breweries hosting open days, pubs hosting special events, beer lovers trying to convert a non-beer drinker by taking them to the pub and buying them a drink, and everyone who uses social media helping to spread the word to make Beer Day Britain the world’s best national beer day!


Jane Peyton, Beer Sommelier, author of ‘Beer o’ Clock’, founder of the School of Booze and instigator of Beer Day Britain