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About Us

The beginning… way back in 2012 we got a “whiff” of a growing interest in micro brewing and that was the start of our mission to “sniff out” the micro brewers close to us here in the heart of Bronte country. Liking what we found, we thought it would be a great idea to share these tasty ales with our friends, we threw in some food and music and hey presto the first Haworth Beer Festival took place.

We’ve grown up slightly since 2012, not too much though.But having witnessed a massive resurgence in the distinctive micro brewing tradition we now know and definitely appreciate that beer means business for both brewers and enthusiasts alike! We’re proud to continually support and showcase amazing craft brewers, some local, some from further afield and we’re excited that the 2019 Haworth Beer Festival is just around the corner, if you haven’t been before, we’re small in comparison to some Beer Festivals but that’s how we like it and it gives us a definite point of difference when it comes to unique surroundings. Above that, it doesn’t deter us from seeking out the latest ales from passionate micro brewers who constantly explore the traditions and heritage of brewing in order to capture unique flavours, tastes and smells right there in the glass for us all to experience! We will be showcasing no less than 35 expertly brewes ales this year, we’ll also be serving up some tasty locally sourced food, so be sure to follow us on social media to see the exciting updates as we confirm the event details.



Early Friday Evening